This Tampa dad is either the coolest or craziest we've ever come across.

Robert Abercrombie, also known by his pro wrestling persona Rob Venomous, concocted this tooth pulling idea with his 8-year-old son and uploaded the already viral video to YouTube. He said, "The way we came up with the idea, myself and my son James were watching YouTube videos looking for ideas because his tooth was coming loose. We wanted to get creative. We found a video of a small car doing the same thing. We looked at each (other) like WOOOOW! So we said what if we used Bumblebee (the Camaro)? So we planned to do it. My fiancée (James' mother) was apprehensive about it, but when she saw him VERY excited about it then she was on board. So the rest is history."
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The dad who removed his kid's tooth with a Camaro